It's a Valentine Parade!

Good morning!
As promised I have a spectacular kickoff to the Valentine season! What I am sharing today are some nifty little treat box cards that I put together over the weekend. Each box holds 10 Hershey's Nuggets. They will also hold up to 3 Ferraro Roche chocolates. The original template is available on Splitcoast if you're looking to make these yourself. I modified mine so that the box part would actually have tuckable end flaps. I didn't want the recipient to have to totally destroy the box in order to open it so I made some modifications.

Since I have so many to show you, I'm not posting all of the details on stamps etc but I'm hoping you'll forgive me for that. : )

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!

PS: Another little addendum here...
I noted above that I had modified the pattern for these slightly so that the recipient could open the box without destroying it. Below are the measurements I used to incorporate tuckable flaps on both ends of the box portion.

Start with a 8˝ x 12˝ piece of cardstock. Score your 8˝ side at 1/2˝, 1-1/2˝, 6-1/2˝ and 7-1/2˝. Score your 12˝ side at 1/4˝, 1-1/4˝, 2-3/4˝, 3-3/4˝, 5-1/4˝ and 8-5/8˝. 
Trim away the sections on both long sides up to the 3-3/4˝ score line ALONG the 2nd score line (1-1/2 inch from absolute edge of paper) Also, trim away 1/2˝ from small side flaps on both ends and the excess 1/4˝ x 1-1/2˝ portions on the box end. 
I also rounded the corners of the middle end flaps so they would tuck into the box easier. Refer to the image for guidance on trimming.

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