Dan's Road Kill Grill

Good morning!
I hope you had a great weekend - We had a lovely time with Josh's girlfriend Blair, squeezed in our birthday celebration for Dan and I even managed to find some quality time to stamp when everyone else was off doing their own thing. Doesn't get much better than that!
As promised, this morning's card is the one I did for our son Dan's birthday. As you can tell from the photo below, he was thrilled with the whole idea. Yeah. Okay, maybe not so much.
So, a little explanation about the card.
The image is one that I pulled from Shutterstock by tonetti. It's called chef bbq. So, confession time. My real job involves graphic design skills so this particular card was done using that skill set as opposed to actually stamping and coloring. My intent is to try this guy again with a blank slate and my Copics, but since I ran out of time to pull this together, I left the alligator image alone and just created the little DAN'S Road Kill Grill tag to match it. The kids all accused me of cheating, which I suppose is true, but honestly, if they'd just stop having birthdays with such alarming regularity I could maybe find time between celebrations to do something really spectacular... LOL!
Anywhoo...there is a story behind the design, and the inside reads:
" In honor of your birthday we decided to open up a restaurant in your name. We figure you'll have no trouble finding critters for your menu. (We do recommend you avoid the DNR however)..."
And the story? Well, Dan does a lot of driving both within the Twin Cities and in the outlying areas, and it seems like he calls me with some story every few days about having either hit some poor animal, or having them fly into his truck. The comedienne in me decided to capitalize on that and this was the result. He thought it was funny, so I guess I did okay!
The list of what I used for this was pretty much limited to paper so I won't go into an explanation of what I did this time. The designer paper is from Bella Rose though.

Catcha Later, Alligator!

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