Blog Candy Winner!

Good afternoon!  Today's the day I pick the recipients for my little blog candy giveaway.
I had planned to give away 5 prizes based on whether my participants left a comment on my original post, posted comments on three other cards since that post, and had extra entry chances for anyone who nudged a friend or two my way. Unfortunately, I only had 3 people leave that first comment, and only one of those posted other comments. So, guess who my winner is??

Snapdragon was sweet enough to play along through the whole contest so she gets the prize!
(Snapdragon, I need you to email me so  I can get your mailing info. *grin* )

Thanks for stopping in!  I'll have to noodle on the whole blog candy thing and come up with something that really excites you...

Enjoy the rest of your day! I'll be back later with some of what I've been working on all weekend...