Cards for Heroes

Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny day today, and I know I'm going to be really busy later but I wanted to share something fun with you before my day gets away from me. I'll be back later with a new Sunday Stash Challenge too so make sure you stop by again!

Yesterday, two of my friends - Lynn and Crystal - came over and we did our level best to make a dent in some of the stamping supplies I have. One of these days I'll post photos of my stamp room so you can see what I am talking about. Anyway, Crystal had suggested a little while back that we should get together and make cards for this wonderful organization called Cards for Heroes. Lynn and I thought it was a great idea, so I volunteered my work space for the project. They arrived about 10:30 yesterday morning and aside from a couple quick potty breaks, and a snack or two, we pretty much stamped non-stop until 9:30 last night! Whew!!! Our goal was to make 75 cards plus two extra each and we did it! If you click on the assortment photo above you can see all of them individually. We made multiples of 6 for almost all of them which worked really well time-wise and except for a couple we used different stamp sets for every one! Great way to exercise the older stamps! I think Crystal and Lynn had fun picking and choosing what we were going to use and I got to stretch my gray cells and come up with some original designs. Hopefully they didn't get sick of me telling them what to do! ha!

So, here's a little challenge for you. Check out Cards for Heroes yourself and organize a group of stampers to make cards. Their website has lots of information on what you need to do and what the general guidelines are. Sorry - glitter isn't allowed, but it IS possible to make a card without it! ha! If you don't want to organize a group, stamp up some cards yourself and send them off. There's no set number you have to do, you can do whatever you want pretty much, and the Heroes love every one you send. I know you'll have just as much fun as the Crystal and Lynn and I did.

That's it for now - remember to stop by again later tonight for all the info on the next Sunday Stash Challenge!