Time to pass along the praise!

Well, it's taken me a little while to decide on whose blogs I wanted to pass this award on to so my apologies for that, but really, this wasn't an easy choice. There are so many wonderfully talented people out there that choosing only a few really was a challenge. Like Latoya, I wanted to pass the award on to bloggers who maybe hadn't received all that many awards. I know firsthand how wonderful it feels to be recognized when there are thousands and thousands of blogs out there. I think I managed that with one exception. Without further ado, here are five blogs that I've haunted a fair bit lately and am repeatedly delighted with what I find there. I know you will be too! I'll be contacting each of my picks to let them know how inspiring they are but here are their blogs so you can visit too!

http://www.lunarlana.typepad.com/ - funny writer, cute, cute cards and lots of fresh ideas.

http://pickledpaperdesigns.blogspot.com/ – Amy's blog has the most wonderful square card ideas. She’s very much into the details and makes the most GORGEOUS cards!

http://lordhavemercy-mercykerin.blogspot.com/ – Mercy has a very fresh look to her cards.

http://www.christinecreations.blogspot.com/ Christine has a nice mix of Stampin' Up! and Flourishes art to share.

http://inspireddesigns.typepad.com/inspired_designs/ - Fabulous cards - lots of details and add ons that make you oohh and aaahh