Summer Home Stationary Kit

Heads up class! Here's the sample I promised for class today and next week. My "student" today (I only had one signed up for the class) wasn't able to make it due to illness but I'm hoping she can swing by next week instead. As I spent the last week and a half alternating between the living and the nearly-dead, I can totally relate so she has my sympathy! The upside to having the afternoon off is that I was actually able to get the sample kit I promised everyone done, photographed and ready to go. Again, thanks a TON to Jackie Topa for her wonderful idea. I've modified it a bit but I won't take credit for the original plan. Here's her blog and the original instructions should you want to wander her way.

This kit uses the Summer Home Simply Scrappin' Kit, various word sets including Best Yet, Short & Sweet, & Fundamental Phrases plus three colors/types of ribbon and the Scallop Circle Punch.
I won't go into all the details on how to make everything, but as I said, I did make a few modifications. The details for those are as follows:
  1. Where Jackie suggests trimming off 1" from the top portions of the box shell, I left them there and glued them to the interior of the box for a little extra stability. I tend to go a little nuts on the cards so the box needs to be sturdy enough not to pop at the seams. Likewise, the tabs that are created on the front flap of the box are adhered to the inside so that the ends of the box are nice and sturdy.
  2. I didn't want to fight with making my own notebook (been there, done that with minimal success getting all the pages to line up nicely) so I cheated and went to Michael's where I found these nifty little notebook/pen sets for $1.00 each then I just covered them with Designer Paper.
  3. Since my notebooks came with a pen, I omitted the little loop for the pen and tucked it into the larger of the two front pockets of the box. This pocket is really intended for the 3x3 notes but I made a separate pocket for those so I could put the notebook in there instead.
  4. My pocket for the 3x3 notes/envelopes takes the place of the little pocket for stamps. You could still add the stamp pocket, but I've opted to leave it out of mine. Dimensions for the notes pocket are as follows: Cut a piece of DP or CS 5-5/8 x 4-1/8. Score lengthwise at 1/2, 7/8, and 3-1/8 inches and in the other direction at 1/2, 7/8, 4-5/8 and 5-1/8 inches. Fold along all scored lines. Trim corners as you would if you were creating the box lid, and then deco-cut the top edge just above the line scored at 3-1/8 inches. Fold this part back on itself so that the reverse side of the paper shows on the front. Fold the bottom and ends in to create your pocket and adhere it to the inside front flap of the stationary box. Decorate as desired.

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