Santa's Belly Giftcard Holder

Ho! Ho! Ho! There's goodies to be found in Santa's belly!

All right ladies, for those who have fallen in love with this little giftcard holder, here are the much-anticipated instructions. I confess the idea was not mine originally; I blatantly copied it from one I saw at Archivers. The only difference being I used a metal buckle from one of the now discontinued hodgepodge hardware sets rather than a punched cardstock buckle. According to Gretchen, this is "way cooler". Okay. I'll go along with that.

So, here we go! Just in time for those Christmas gift cards! :

Stamps: none! go figure. You could stamp something inside if you wanted to though.

Cardstock: Real Red, Whisper White**, Basic Black*

Accessories: wave or scallop scissors.**, adhesive rhinestones, Hodgepodge Hardware buckle (pewter), large oval punch or 1 3/4" circle punch., narrow sticky strip adhesive, scissors, large corner rounder

*Note: black velvet ribbon would be a better substitute, but if you don't have it, cardstock works.
**I actually had these white pre-waved border strips on hand so I used those for the "fur" on Santa's coat, but if you have a scallop or wave scissors you can create your own with 3/4 inch strips of cardstock. Finished these are about 1/2 inch wide.


  1. Cut your real red cardstock 8 x 4-1/4 inch.
  2. Score at 2-5/8 inch and 5-1/2 inch. This leaves you with a 2-1/2 inch section on one end and a 2-5/8 inch section on the other.
  3. Punch a half oval/circle out of the edge at the center of the 2-1/2 inch end.
  4. Fold the end you punched to the inside and adhere both edges with narrow sticky-strip adhesive. It's that stuff that comes on the roll- it's red until you peel the backing off. It also lives up to the name so it works really well for this sort of thing. You now have a pocket for your gift card with a notch so you can sort of see the card once it's in the pocket. Easier to get them in and out too!
  5. Time to decorate the front! If you don't have pre-made decorative border strips, create your own. You'll need two strips that are about 2-1/2 inches long and another that is 4-1/4 inch long. Start by attaching a 4-1/4 inch wide wave/scallop strip to the bottom edge of the front flap.
  6. Next, line up your two shorter strips side by side and adhere them to the center of the flap just above the first strip. Trim any excess if needed.
  7. Finally, cut a strip of black narrow enough to slide through the metal buckle then weave the strip through the buckle so the latter is in the middle. Adhere to the front of the flap just above the bottom "fur" strip and over the ends of the two shorter "fur" strips.
  8. Using your corner rounder, round off the bottom two corners.
  9. Finish off with 2-3 red rhinestone adhesive gems, or small buttons.

okay Rudolph... onward and upward!

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